🎄 Christmas Coding with Elixir, Day 1

Advent Of Code 2018

Santa: Big Elixir fan

The Puzzle: Part 1

Solving It

So part 1 is pretty simple. We need to parse a list of positive and negative integers and then sum them together.

cat input.txt | ./advent1.1.exs
$ cat input.txt | ./advent1.1.exs

The Puzzle: Part 2

Solving It

Ok! So now it gets a little trickier. In Ruby, I’d use Enumerable#cycle to give an infinite stream of frequencies and then use return to break out early when I found one that’d been seen before.

$ cat input.txt | ./advent1.2.exs


So that was fun, and a little trickier than I was expecting for day 1! I’ll be filing away Enum.reduce_while/3 for future reference 😁



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Sean Handley

Señor Developer specialising in open-source languages, particularly Ruby & Elixir. seanhandley.com